Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to Work!

Well this post is long overdue - if anyone out there is still reading this blog!

I promised I would write more, and I didn't. And now we are home and "done" travelling and there is nothing left to write about :). But because of my neurotic nature, things must have definitive endings for me. I need to be able to cross things off a list, to say, "that is complete." So it goes for this blog - which coincidentally has been on my to-do list as "post on blog" for a few months now. We've both been back in the country for several months now. I got to extend my travels to include the Western US and Chris spent another summer season guiding people up Mt. Rainier. We both went back to "work" in September, giving us a full three months to realize:

We are ready to go travelling again.

Well, we may be ready, but our pocketbook is not. So we will again save and scheme - Japan, Mongolia and Greenland are all places that frequently come up. And we will start another blog and keep you all posted when (because it is obviously inevitable) we take off again! Until that time I leave you with the picture on my desk top reminding me of free-er times and say